Information to Know Before You Go

Once your cruise is booked, the cruise lines require passengers to fill out their “online check-in/immigration” information approximately 30 days prior to sailing. By providing this information in advance, it will speed up your check-in process at the pier. Please have this information prior to starting your “online check-in”:

  • your booking number (appears on your CRUISE PLACE invoice)
  • passport number, date of issue/expiry, city of issue
  • emergency contact name, address and phone number
  • name/address of any hotel stays in the United States
  • your ship name and sailing date

THE CRUISE PLACE will provide any information you may not know and will be happy to assist with the check-in process if you need help. Click on the cruise line below and follow the prompts.

Guest Registration and Immigration Form

Please note that guest names must appear exactly as they do on that person’s passport.

Guest #1

Marital Status:*
Last Name:*
Middle Name:*
First Name:*
Phone Number:*
Country of birth:*
Country of Citzenship:*
Emergency Contact:*
Emergency contact phone:*
Emergency contact address:*
Passport Number:*
Passport Issue:*
Passport Expiry:*

Guest #2

Marital Status:(1)*
Last Name:(1)*
Middle Name:(1)*
First Name:(1)*
Phone Number:(1)*
Country of birth:(1)*
Country of Citzenship:(1)*
Emergency Contact:(1)*
Emergency contact phone:(1)*
Passport Number:(1)*
Passport Issue:(1)*
Passport Expiry:(1)*
Additional information:
Word Verification: